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This  website provides an Introduction to New Hampshire Interfaith Power and Light and how to contact us for more information and services.

What is New Hampshire Interfaith Power and Light?

New Hampshire Interfaith Power and Light is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping faith communities throughout New Hampshire save energy while saving money.  We are one of 40 states with Interfaith Power and Light groups, joining together in a faith-based response to the challenge of global climate change.  We promote renewable energy as part of this response.

What is a faith-based response to climate change?

As people of faith we see ourselves as stewards of the Earth.  We believe in passing on to future generations a world whose natural systems and resources are sustainable into their future. Using less energy in our houses of worship and in our members’ lives can make a big difference in lowering greenhouse gas emissions.  Advocating for renewable energy sources will also help lower greenhouse gas emissions, which are causing global warming.

What does New Hampshire Interfaith Power and Light do?

We work with faith communities to deepen the conversation about how climate change affects our future, and what we can do about it.

One example is reducing our use of energy, thus saving money.  There are many ways to use less energy, and we begin with an energy audit to see how much energy a house of worship currently uses.  This audit if FREE to member congregations. Following an audit, we make recommendations for action.  Examples include taking advantage of CFL and LED lighting  programs available through New Hampshire Utilities and through store coupons.  Installing better insulation where possible, and changing to more efficient heating and refrigeration appliances with the EPA Energy Star rating.

Members of a faith community can work together in small groups called Green Teams to learn how they can use less energy in their homes and in their work lives.  We will teach leaders how to do this using the Low Carbon Diet and then they can continue to set up more green teams.

We also offer special discussion programs  helpful for a faith community that is beginning to explore the subject of climate change or ready for some focused dialogue on how to respond to the challenge.

How can you support New Hampshire Interfaith Power and Light?

As a non-profit organization, we depend on memberships and donations.  We have both Institutional and Individual memberships.  Print out a form, fill it in, and return it with a donation. Faith communities usually like to discuss what membership means with one of our board members before becoming a member, and we are very happy to help with that process.

Please join us! Together we can make a real difference for New Hampshire and for the Earth.

Save energy, save money, save the environment, heal the Earth

For more information including a paper copy of our current brochure and a membership form please contact us at info@newhampshireipl.org.

For more information on the National Interfaith Power and Light organization  go to www.interfaithpowerandlight.org.



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